Palazzo Agliardi

Installation Katrin Arens


Katrin Arens’s work intends to give a “breath” of life to several spaces that have dozed off in time. In the hall dedicated to Apollo and Diana, the festive atmosphere that once dwelled here is alive again. Nostalgia for the pageantry of days of old makes room for the desire to rediscover the beauty of this place and show it in a new light: lived in, as if the guests of the hall have just left.  A series of personalized small tables, armchairs and objects made out of “workshop scraps” are the centrepieces of the scenario. In this way, Palazzo Agliardi’s hall and portico discover a new direction once more.
Invitations to talk design
27 September 2017
Katrin Arens


Palazzo Agliardi, originally Martinengo Colleoni, is located at no.86 of Via Pignolo, in one of the Bergamo villages where, during the sixteenth century, important families of nobles and merchants chose to build their palaces. The residence comes with a large courtyard, three rooms decorated with eighteenth-century frescoes by Carlo Carlone and Federico Ferrario, the so-called neoclassical room and a bright central living room that opens onto a charming roof garden. A staircase leads to the recently restored, underlying stable.