Palazzo Moroni

Installation Marc Sadler

"Twiggy Surprise"

Twiggy is a thin and natural mark in space which, thanks to its slightness, brings to mind the image of a fishing pole. Its name recalls the most famous model of the 1960s, but its great expressive appeal associates her with a sort of bamboo cane found along riverbanks, which moves and then finds its place with lightness and versatility. Sophisticated and flexible, it illuminates the interiors of Palazzo Moroni. With its simple and extremely clean lines, Twiggy fills up the space with its unique personality. Foscarini’s smash hit, this iconic lamp designed by Marc Sadler unveils and covers its shape in a game of hide and seek.  
Invitations to talk design
20 September 2017
Marc Sadler


The gate of Palazzo Moroni opens at no.12 of Via Porta Dipinta: it is one of the highest expressions of the seventeenth-century architecture in Bergamo. The very simple front, just like the courtyard where the statue of Neptune dominates, is in stark contrast to the Baroque style of the interiors, decorated with frescoes by Barbelli on the impressive staircase and main rooms, complete with furniture and works of art that bear witness to the Moroni family’s love for collecting.  A large garden terrace extends suddenly from the internal balcony, and includes a medieval tower, elegant parterres and an “ortaglia” (plot of land) section.