Palazzo Terzi

Installation Atelier Biagetti


The beautiful Palazzo Terzi may really be like a set of a film where different historic moments and unexpected characters encounter. Here any object already tells a story, any detail, any painiting, any cloth is the result of little elements and stratifications which lead us to think on what happened in those rooms; on the people who crossed them at every meeting, as well as the desires, the expectations, the fears, the secrets. Perhaps the real characters of this scene are the objects themselves which, like witnesses, draw connections and let us imagine indefinite stories that anyone may embellish and change imagintively into others. We thus decided to add a new level of interpretation, a further key which activate a short circuit between the past and the present, the physical and the oneiric space, where everything is possible.


Located on the western spur of Bergamo Alta, Palazzo Terzi dominates the homonymous square near the imposing building of Liceo Classico (High School).

The sixteenth-century building undergoes significant expansions and modifications during the following two centuries, in order to enhance its front and panoramic view towards the plain, both of them subjected to a recent restoration. The reception hall with its monumental fireplace, the small mirrors room and a series of frescoed rooms by Barbelli, Storer and Tencalla, all furnished with simple elegance, make this residence a place where time seems to stand still.