Palazzo Terzi

"All in agreement"

Past and present, design and painting exchange looks and ideas with objects and paintings from the past. Crossing the mansion’s threshold, we enter a new dimension marked out by a fluid creativity. The objects float around in time, becoming unusual “voyagers”. En route, they meet other stories, other eras and other worlds. Different adventures arise from these encounters because the interlocutor changes each time. The setting of the space suggests unexpected connections between things, matters and the directions of time, trying to make them all agree.
Invitations to talk design
04 October 2017
Paola Navone & Rosa Maria Rinaldi


Located on the western spur of Bergamo Alta, Palazzo Terzi dominates the homonymous square near the imposing building of Liceo Classico (High School).

The sixteenth-century building undergoes significant expansions and modifications during the following two centuries, in order to enhance its front and panoramic view towards the plain, both of them subjected to a recent restoration. The reception hall with its monumental fireplace, the small mirrors room and a series of frescoed rooms by Barbelli, Storer and Tencalla, all furnished with simple elegance, make this residence a place where time seems to stand still.