Villa Grismondi Finardi

Installation Clino Trini Castelli

"Shadow Rooms"

Barely considered by the plastic languages of the Modern movement, dimness finds nowadays in the environmental project a wide range of expressive opportunities enhanced by a large historical and emotional background.


Located close to the city center of Bergamo, Villa Grismondi Finardi was first built as a country house. Its current name is linked to two noble families: the Grismondi, who inhabited the mansion during the eighteenth century, and the Finardi, who own the estate since the middle of 1800. Between 1855 and 1858, architect Giacomo Bianconi dedicated himself to a restoration work that determines the current look of the house, with sober exteriors and lavishly decorated interiors. The architect also designed the wide park, characterized by a nineteenth-century English plant, and fenced a century later after the construction of Quartiere Finardi.