Palazzo Moroni

Installation Daniela Puppa


The beauty of the spaces and the outstanding furnishings suggested the theme of the exhibition to the architect / designer:  leaving traces without distracting the visitor from the overall view of the site. The designer's work is legible through the scattered objects that are mixed with those of the existing furniture. Subtle traces to be discovered amongst the many pieces that complete each of the rooms. Glass objects were favoured in creating this work: lamps, coloured and luminous vases. At the end of the path the artist signs the participated experience, with the trace of an object that is different from the others that well represents her work


The gate of Palazzo Moroni opens at no.12 of Via Porta Dipinta: it is one of the highest expressions of the seventeenth-century architecture in Bergamo. The very simple front, just like the courtyard where the statue of Neptune dominates, is in stark contrast to the Baroque style of the interiors, decorated with frescoes by Barbelli on the impressive staircase and main rooms, complete with furniture and works of art that bear witness to the Moroni family’s love for collecting.  A large garden terrace extends suddenly from the internal balcony, and includes a medieval tower, elegant parterres and an “ortaglia” (plot of land) section.