Villa Grismondi Finardi

Installation Odo Fioravanti

"Fil Rouge"

With the Fil Rouge project, designer Odo Fioravanti proposes a reading of the spaces of Villa Grismondi Finardi employing a red thread that physically crosses the exquisite spaces of this historic residence, guiding the visitor through the rooms amidst the objects that make it unique. The thread unrolls from a small stand in the first room, continuing into the following rooms – like the famed thread of Ariadne - emphasising various objects in the house’s collection and its architectural details. Three white platforms display objects from the villa's collection with products from the designer's production, creating a delightful comparison and ideal dialogue between the different ages. One of the designer’s chairs will face a chair from the house, one of the designer’s teapots with a teapot from the house, and so on in a compelling tête-à-tête.


Located close to the city center of Bergamo, Villa Grismondi Finardi was first built as a country house. Its current name is linked to two noble families: the Grismondi, who inhabited the mansion during the eighteenth century, and the Finardi, who own the estate since the middle of 1800. Between 1855 and 1858, architect Giacomo Bianconi dedicated himself to a restoration work that determines the current look of the house, with sober exteriors and lavishly decorated interiors. The architect also designed the wide park, characterized by a nineteenth-century English plant, and fenced a century later after the construction of Quartiere Finardi.